О Минском заводе игристых вин
Petrified grape leaf

Wine is a romantic invented so long ago that it can be considered a contemporary of civilization. Winemaking familiarsto mankind nearly 8000 years.

However, we can accurately the date when man first tasted sparkling wine produced in Belarus.

The history of Minsk sparkling wine factory leaves in 1978. Just on 17thFebruary the first bottle of Soviet sparkling wine left the assembly line, and on 23thFebruary "newborn" winebottles have pleased buyers. By the end of February 1978 near 2000 bottles of sparkling wines were produced at the factory.

There are no analogues of Minsk sparkling wine factory in our country so imagine how much work, caring and soul specialists invested in products. It is worth noting thatfirst lots of Soviet sparkling winewere produced by hand.

Annually the factory produces more than 15 million bottles of sparkling wines a year. The product assortment is constantly changing in correspondence with market demand. In 2017, a new product - sparkling wine cocktail Mixberry - was launched. This product meets the need of low- alcohol beverages lovers. The factory also uses various packaging types: white, green and dark glass bottles of different shapes and volumes including the bottles for the Soviet sparkling wine souvenir series.

Use of best European wine materials from Moldova and Spain ensure high quality of final product. The products are certified for STB ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management Standards and food safety HACCP System. The sparkling wines are successfully exported to Ukraine , the USA, Estonia, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Mongolia, Latvia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistanand etc.

Minsk Sparkling Wines Factory is the place were vast experience meets the newest European technologies to make fine natural grape and sparkling wines even real experts love. The factory's products have been in steady demand for more than four decades. In 2018, we celebrated the factory's 40th anniversary . You are welcome for cooperation!
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8 Grand Prix
54 gold
72 silver
20 bronze
16 years - "Best Goods of Belarus"
14 years - "Product of the Year"
9 years - "Choice of the Year"
Honorary certificates of Gosstandart of the Republic
of Belarus for the high quality of products

Management Board
Minsk Sparkling Wines Factory
Working hours
Monday - Friday 8.30-17.00
Lunch break: 11.00-14.00 (30 min)
Saturday - Sunday: Day off
Position held
Full name
Contact details
General Director
Andrei Baranov
Deputy general director
Pavel Prudnik
Deputy general director
Tamara Padzirun
Deputy general director
Genrikh Cherniak
Chief engineer
Alexander Kisel
Secretary-assistant Bookkeeper comments and suggestions
Elena Alekseeva
Reception of Director General
Elena Alekseeva

The register of comments and suggestions is at reception desk. Responsible person for record and keeping is the secretary of the General Director - Elena Alekseeva.
Agricultural branch
Management of the agricultural branch “Red May” of Minsk sparkling wine factory
42, Central str., Bluzha village, Pukhovichidistrict, Minsk region, 222812, Republic of Belarus
Working hours
Monday - Friday: 8.00 - 17.00
(A lunch break - 12.00 - 13.00)
Saturday - Sunday: Day off
Position held
Full name
Contact details
Acting General Director
Alexander Palchik
Chief engineer
HR Specialist
Responsible person for record and
keeping the register of comments and
8 017 13 43 6 32
факс - 8 017 13 96 0 99

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